TAJCD Monograph Series: The Locking, Mitered Box Joint

I’ve just put together a 45-page monograph on a right-angle joint which I make extensive use of in my work, the Japanese name being 箱相欠き車知栓仕口,  Hako-aigaki-shachi-sen-shiguchi.

Yep, 45 pages on a single type of joint. What could be in there?

A version of the joint:

This is the strongest wood-joined corner construction possible, a joint unknown in the western tradition. I decided it is time to make it known! This forms the start of a monograph series which I hope to add to from time to time. These will be moderately priced. This first monograph is $17.00. Contact me on email to purchase.

The next monograph will likely be on the Osaka Castle Gatepost Joint, a ‘trick’ joint.

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