TAJCD Revamp: The New Volume II is Ready!

After a lengthy slog of re-editing and re-illustrating, I’m happy to announce that Volume II of the TAJCD series is available again!

The cover shows a mortise and tenoned hopper, a project detailed carefully in the essay:

Table of Contents, page 1:

Please click on the illustration for a clearer view.

Contents, page 2:

A few selected page shots to give a better idea as to the layout and detail:

A look at the mortise and tenoned hopper joint:

Several joinery options for hoppers, including the twisted dovetail is covered:

Various methods are shown for deriving the hopper cut lines:

This essay is priced at $25.00. This volume runs 138 pages.

Please contact me directly if any of the TAJCD volumes is of interest. Thanks for dropping by the Carpentry Way.

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  1. Alfonso,

    On the right hand side of the page, below the listings of the TAJCD essays, is 'Contact' where you'll find my email address:


    Thanks for your question.


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