TAJCD Revamp: The New Volume I is Ready!

A week ahead of schedule I have completed the revamped version of The Art of Japanese Carpentry Drawing, Volume I : Carpentry Mathematics. It is now available for purchase. Originally about 70 pages in length, this volume now reaches 102 pages. I have completely revised it- redrawing virtually every picture and revising the text extensively in sections. The price is $20.00 This essay is sent out as a .pdf download, and future revisions of this expanded edition, should they be required, will be sent to original purchasers free of charge.

If you purchased the old version of this essay, when it was bundled together with Volume II, the expanded version is available to you at the discounted price of $10.

The cover:

Here’s the first page of the table of contents:

And the second page:

A few pages so as to show the general appearance and lay out:


With that done, I can now commence work on revamping Volume II, which introduces Japanese compound joinery by looking at Japanese methods for working with triangles and a detailed look at the most elementary form of compound joinery work, regular plan, regular slope hoppers. I expect this re-writing and re-drawing won’t take to long, so look for an announcement here when it is ready for shipment. After that, the new essay, Volume IV (Compound Splayed Post Carpentry) will be completed and made available.

Thanks for coming by the Carpentry Way.

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