Dark Chocolate and Sponge Cake (20)

Recent work has involved the four posts and the associated frames which contain the latticed panels, and that bled into other areas with the same type of connections. Lotsa mortising for sliding dovetails on the slate, as this picture hopefully gives an idea…


Those posts will see a fair bit of shape alteration yet, as the black arrows indicate. The tenons have not yet been trimmed to size either. Some of the mortises are cleaned out and some are not at this stage:


These four sliding dovetail key mortises on the underside of the top short side piece serve to connect the upper rail of one of the latticed frame assemblies:

The other side taken to the same point:

A few more parts now to look at, with the aforesaid latticed assembly’s upper frame rail now mortised, along with the pairing, to the right, of the sill and lower frame members furnished with the same joints:

A similar scene developed at the other end of the frame stack as the parts were completed one by one to this stage:

A closer look at one of the completed sliding dovetail key mortises:

Not too often one gets to see any mahogany with the white flecks, but the Cuban stuff has loads of these.

I worked my way along, preparing blanks and leaving them a little on the fat side prior to fitting:

Then the blanks are crosscut to the required size, and popped into their coffins:

I wonder, for those who are reading this page with an online translator, how the word ‘coffins’ will be translated? I’m referring to mortises of course.

As things moved along, some of the keys were starting along the process of fitting:

A mishap occurred during this process during the disassembly of the bottom frame. One of the tongues on one of the half lap joints decided to stay with the other joint half when things were separated, so I had to make an entire new sill piece, which took a good couple of days as there is a fair amount of work in one of those pieces. All caught up now fortunately, and the cost in material not too great to bear.

Moving forward, I’ll be shaping the posts soon, and then will turn my attention of the joinery for the panel battens and their half dovetails. I know reader JT has been waiting to see how that comes out, so soon enough all will be revealed.

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