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A sizable number of the posts on this blog are devoted to build ‘threads’ where the reader is taken along the journey of design and construction of a piece. Some of these build threads comprise less than 10 entries, while others run to 100 entires or so.

The links provided on this page will take you to post #1 in each build thread, and each post in a build thread is linked to the next, with the link provided in the body of the blog entry at the end. So, this is not a true index, but merely a way of pointing the reader in the right direction for reading a thread from beginning to end. WordPress seems to lack, at present, a proper sort of index, with entires listed in numerical order, so this thread list is a placeholder until such an index becomes available. Further, I have found that some of the language in these posts, written when this blog was a blogger artifact and not a WordPress one, had to be changed as they referred to things that were present on the blogger site which are not present here. I will be working my way manually through hundreds and hundreds of posts, updating and amending. Some older posts have links to youtube videos which are defunct, and I’m even finding typos, missing page links, and stuff like that. Little by little we’ll get there, making this site more user friendly.

There are more than a dozen substantial build threads, so look for this page to be updated as these threads get cleaned up and all the links working properly.

Build threads:

Coffee Anyone?

Building up my Library (bookcase)

Colgate EALL

Dark Chocolate and Sponge Cake (futon storage cabinet)

Well of Heaven (Japanese ceiling)

Screen Play (tsuitate)

Boston Children’s Museum (various repairs)

Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) Japanese Gate

Boston Children’s Museum (Battari shōgi)

A Ming-Inspired Table (51 posts)

A Ming-inspired Cabinet (99 posts)

Doctor’s Office Reception Desk (5 posts)

The Bonfire of the Vanity (6 posts)

An Irregular Situation (compound splay post sawhorse build)

First Light (shrine lantern)

Louis Mazerolle Tréteau (31 posts)

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  1. Chris, I had no idea of how much humor you had incorporated in your blog. Delightful! And shows how well read you are in topics other than Carpentry. I may ask for book group recommendations.

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