The Art of Japanese Carpentry Drawing

At first, the 5 Volumes, 2 supplements and Kanna Tuning Manual which comprise the series, were listed to the right side of the page with convenient Paypal purchase buttons, however for some inexplicable reason that widget has become non-functional. I am working on this issue with WordPress tech support, but in the meantime I thought it would be convenient, for those interested in the TAJCD material, to provide a listing of the blog pages detailing each of the parts. I’ll make this blog entry a link at the right of the page for convenient future access.

Here are the links to the blog pages announcing each of the TAJCD essay publications:

And the Supplements:
That is the current sum total of TAJCD material. New Volumes are planned but no schedule is set as of yet regarding release dates. These will be announced, of course, on this blog as they become available.

The essay prices are individually noted with each item, however if purchasing 3 or more items, discounts do apply. For example:

5-Volume TAJCD set: $140.00

5-Volume set plus both joinery monographs: $170.00

5-Volume set plus Kanna Tuning Manual: $170.00

Complete set of 5-volumes, both joinery supplements, and Kanna Tuning Manual: $200.00

Payment is generally by Paypal, though for those in the lower-48 states, there are other options, such as USPS Money Order, bank check, or Squarecash. All international purchasers must use Paypal. Contact me via email if you would like to delve in.

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