TAJCD Volume II Revision

Thanks to some help from a doctoral student in Germany, I was able to learn of some glitches in, and make several minor revisions to, The Art of Japanese Carpentry Drawing Volume II. This essay, linked in the sidebar to the right of the page, deals with hoppers and their geometry. Hoppers are joined wooden constructions in the form of a funnel (like a flower box, for example), in case the word ‘hopper’ wasn’t obvious in meaning. The study of the hopper form provides an introduction to compound joinery. The Volume swells up to 138 pages now and is hopefully a little bit better and a little bit clearer than previous versions. always looking to tweak and improve my work, so if other readers spot areas in any of the 4 essay volumes that could be improved, please let me know.

I have sent the download link to the revised Volume II essay – revisions are provided free to original purchasers – to all the people I have listed on a spreadsheet. It is possible some of those folks may have changed emails, so if you purchased Volume II previously and did not receive a link to the February 2014 version, then please check your spam folder. If it isn’t there, send me a mail and I’ll make sure you get the new edition promptly. Those that complete the material in volume I and II of TAJCD can take an optional exam and then are eligible to join the online carpentry drawing study group.

We’re getting a bit of a snow dump today, and the shrine lantern in our front yard seems to look nice with the frosted top:

The picture has been cropped at the top to hide most of the background.

Thanks for dropping by the Carpentry Way.

4 thoughts on “TAJCD Volume II Revision

  1. Chris,
    The lantern looks sensational in its natural setting!

    It seems to be suffering no ill effects from having to contend with the elements.



  2. Hi Derek,

    yeah, it seems to be holding up pretty well, with only some minor wood bleaching after a summer outside. Mahogany is a fine material.

    The lantern looks even nicer at night, lit up and with the snow falling…


  3. Chris,
    Sounds wonderful, can we have a photo of that to adorn the blog?

    And thanks for the continual effort to improve your works.


  4. I will do my best to take that photo, though I did miss a fine opportunity to do so a couple of nights ago. More snow is forecast for tonight though.


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