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With no large projects or furniture commissions in play at the current time, I decided to make another small joined piece for the household, following on from the CD rack from a month back. This might not be the most interesting thread in the history of this blog, but it seemed worthwhile to take a few pictures as I moved along. To add a small amount of suspense, I won’t reveal what it is I’m making until the end.it should become obvious soon enough I suppose.

While I have a few juicy slabs of wood in my pile, I really am unwilling to touch them unless the right project calls for them. This isn’t such a project. So, I’m taking a scrap of this wood, and an off-cut of that wood, and putting things together. Matching colors is hardly my forte, and my hope is that whatever results does not look like an Abercrombi and Fitch patch-quilt rugby jersey by the time I’m done, or piece of kindergarten furniture.

So far, the woods in play include Jatoba, Black Cherry and Poplar. There may be other materials introduced into the mix yet. There will be no metal and probably no glue used.

I’ve come up with an interesting idea for some of the joinery on this piece. At least it’s something I haven’t seen before. Here’s I’m working on an early stage in the process of cutting the joint, the wood being black Cherry:

After the end grain is cleaned up, I pare the sidewalls with the aid of an angled block:

Here, a couple of the Jatoba pieces are getting to know one another:

It’s nice vertical grain material.

The Cherry also says ‘hi’ to the Jatoba:

Here, as you can see, I’m deforming the ends of the two boards with some vicious hacking:

Time for a little saw-work:

The board ends are getting a bit closer to final form now:

A closer view and a different camera angle on the Jatoba board:

Another view:

A little more sawing was in order:

Still not quite done, but getting a lot closer:

Well, things are heading somewhere it would seem. I haven’t prepared any drawings this time and am very much making things up as I go along. Thanks for dropping by today. Comments always welcome.
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5 Replies to “Mix and Match”

  1. Hi Chris,
    Just curious, how much time does it take you to move through these steps? When I use wide panels like that, they often move around so much that I spend most of my limited time flattening. As I work in the evenings after my real job, I don't have large blocks of time to get joinery together before setting it aside for two or three days or maybe a week.

    Harlan B.

  2. Harlan,

    thanks for your comment. the work shown in the first 4 photos took about 3 hours I think. The remaining photos another 3 hours or so.

    I find Black Cherry and Jatoba to be very stable materials, and once I have resawn them, let then sit a day or two, I glue them up. Then I re-jointing, and take them to a hair over dimension. They seem to stay put after that, though I always leave them stickered between rounds of work. So, so far so good.


  3. Wonderful! A feast for the eyes.
    Is a sequel to your Japanese Carpentry Drawings in the making?
    Thanks for your treats,

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