Mix and Match (II)

Making a little something for the kitchen and thought I’d string a few pictures together of the build process, the design aspect happening on the fly in this case.

So far no major disasters, and all fingers still accounted for – I did decide to drop the poplar from the project, and have reconfigured an altogether new arrangement in its place.

In the previous blog post I had formed tenoned tongue and groove joints on the ends of the two main panels. After that it was time to work on the mitered breadboard ends. After the usual rounds of sawing jointing and dimensioning the stock, I used a slot cutter in my router table to form the grooves on each piece. Then I marked out for the tenons and headed over to the hollow chisel mortiser, a 1/4″ (6.35mm) bit chucked into position:

I used a 1/4″ thick stick, on edge, to support the cut.

Then I rough cut the miters on the ends of each stick and had a go at a trial fitting for the mortises:

As expected, the fit was a bit too tight, so I eased the mortises slightly using a couple of chisels. Then it was time for another trial fit, in which things slid together pretty much as they should, up to the point where the breadboard’s mitered ends made contact with the panel ends:

The tenons are cut to a length such that they are meant to protrude slightly at this stage, so I still have another couple of millimeters to go at this point:

The path to a closer fit involved a careful trimming of the end miters using a jerry-rigged shooting board:

Oh man, this part really bites!:

A few passes were taken:

Then the end of the stick was checked for squareness across the face of the miter. All was good so I rolled along trimming each end and checking, rechecking, until a good fit was achieved. Rather than sliding the breadboard end onto the tenons again, I check the fit  by dropping the stick onto the housing directly, like this:

A while later, all four breadboard ends were grooved, mortised, mitered, and fitted:

Tsk, tsk, look at the mess I made:

All for today – thanks for visiting! I should have another post coming down the pike in a day or two, so hope to you you again then. ➼ on to post III

Anything to add?