2019 Book Sale

** New listings added July 7th July 13th

Prices reduced on remaining books July 21st

I will add new listings from time to time, and delete or make note of any which have sold. Payment via Paypal preferred. Media mail will be the cheapest option in the United States (plus cost of a padded mailer), while buyers in other countries should be forewarned that international postage rates are ridiculously high.

All proceeds from book sale go to my family. Contact me directly to purchase any of the books.

Taunton Press hardcover edition $45.00
Softcover left side is $25.00; hardcover to the right is $40.00
Hardcover to the left is $40.00; softcover to the right is $25.00 SOLD
A classic for $40.00
L’Escalier en Bois (Staircases in Wood) $55.00
Two hardcovers. Left one is $20.00, while the right one is $20.00
(SOLD) Left is $15.00; upper right (SOLD) is $10.00; lower right is $25.00

July 7th additions:

California set $95.00; left hardcover $55.00, right hardcover $55.00
Left softcover (SOLD) $25.00, right hardcover (SOLD) (Drexler) $30.00
Upper left (Sold) is a book on reconstructing temples $30, to the right $20.00
Earth mother set $40, or $25/ea.
Six issues from the now scarce Taunton series $50.00
Top left is $20.00,lower one (SOLD) is $30.00

3 Replies to “2019 Book Sale”

  1. Hi Chris how are you feeling? I would like the book SketchUp. I am busy with my grandchildren this weekend. So time is short but I will take it. Let me know if it is still available? Thank you! My prayers are sent your way for you and your family!

  2. Dear Chris,
    I would like to send my best wishes to you are your family.

    I am interested in the two books which are related to the use and study of the Sashigane no and the Sashigane Kyoshitsu.

    Take care and all the very best


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