Dark Chocolate and Sponge Cake (9)

The battens for the upper frame and panel assembly are done, save for their sliding dovetail portions:

That was followed up by a glue up of the two boards which form the top panel:

While there are glue-less joinery possibilities to connect two boards edge to edge, as far as glued joins go, the most stable variety over the long term are the edge to edge connections, especially when the grain along the seam is carefully matched. So, a little glue.

Then I fabricated the wedges which will connect the half dovetails of the battens to the upper frame members. For this, I selected some Jatoba.

To cut the wedges, after using some trigonometry to calculate the angle required and setting the saw accordingly, I employed the Microdial Taper jig, something which was sent to me, free and without expectation of promotion, a couple of years back by the owner of the company which produces them:

It’s handy and quite precise jig, and very safe to use with the pusher block that comes with it. I was able to make the required wedges to a high standard of accuracy within a short time.

Also into the flow now are the two middle rail sets, in the Cuban, for the side panel assemblies, though the initial dimensioning, planing and rough-cutting:

And the panels for the sides, which fit between the frame members in the above photo, about 6″ tall, are also dimensioned and finish planed – you can see them on the top of this panel stack:

The wood hasn’t been moving at all, but I keep it modestly weighted down all the same. Moving along, moving along….

Meanwhile, I’ve been tracking down and ordering materials for the Colgate job. The first shipment of wood, some avodire, is scheduled to be delivered this coming Monday. I’ll update that thread as things get into gear on that project.

All for this time – thanks for dropping by. Next up is post 10.

Anything to add?

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