Dark Chocolate and Sponge Cake (7)

Momentous session today, as it was time to run the upper framing members through the shaper. With the Aigner back fence in place, the result was going to be dimensionally accurate after having done test cuts with scrap, but you never know what can happen sometimes with wood being fed past a molding cutter. If things go south, they do so in dramatic fashion with 11 hp behind the cutter.

In we go:

And out it comes:

The result, as with most times when you combine Martin + Aigner, was without defect as far as I could tell:

The frame went together well, just a slight amount (0.004″) interference in the fit of tongues and dados at each corner:

Another view:

The frame after the joints have been fully drawn together with clamps:

I was pleased with the outcome at this stage. Corner #1:

Corner #2:

Corner #3:

And corner #4:

At this stage, there were some protruding bits at the lap intersections to take care of:

I clamped the frames and placed a couple of temporary screws at each corner, in the space to be later occupied by a mortise. This set up allowed me to once again make hay with the shaper, sans back fence, completing the molding of the end grain portions, one half lap protrusion at a time:

All for this round – thanks for tuning in and comments always welcome. Next up: post 8

Anything to add?

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