Ryden’s Block Box

My son turning 1 year of age, I decided to make him something for his birthday. I thought a set of blocks would be a basic and useful addition to his collection, and that then led to the idea of making a storage box so as to keep them conveniently all in one place. Not that it is likely at any time soon that such a semblance of order will emerge in our household.

Anyhow, I have been working to make a short video, and this really is a dry run of sorts for a much longer video to come in the near future on the assembly of the Ming-Inspired Cabinet.

I hope it was informative and not too much of a pain to watch. I learned a lot about iMovie in the process and aim to improve with my next effort. My son is enjoying his blocks – that’s the main thing!

All for this time on The Carpentry Way. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Cool, interesting to see a video documentary are you planning to move toward that sort of documenting?

    Nice project, a wonderful gift that I'm sure he will use and then pass along to his kids in the future.

  2. Josh,

    thanks! I wanted to put a longer music clip in, but was apprehensive about the video being rejected by Youtube for copyright reasons.

  3. Hi Brian,

    thanks for the comment and question.

    I'm sticking my toe into the pool right now as far as doing more vlogs. They take more time and effort for me than written blogs, and I confess to a certain embarrassment about being so self indulgent. My voice sounds weird to me as well.

    All that said, I have come to enjoy certain uTube channels, and have found that the voiceover commentary works for me when I am on the listening end. So, I thought: why not give it a try?

    I have an idea to make my son something for all of the birthdays for which I'm around. We'll see if I can apply the KISS principle at least once per year…

  4. That's probably the most high-end block-box I've ever seen.

    I wonder how long it will withstand your son's efforts at breaking things. πŸ™‚

    Don't worry about your voice. I had the same feeling when I first heard a recording of my own voice. I guess we “hear” our own voice differently. Maybe part of the sound travels through our flesh and bones?

  5. IIRC, it is the position of your ears relative to where the sound comes out, and the vibration of your vocal cords traveling through your skull which alters the tone in which you hear your own voice. Probably there is more to it than that…

  6. That is a beautiful box Chris! I really enjoy the videos and find it helpful to see how you go about various tasks. There are many ways to accomplish things so it's nice to get other ideas. Thanks for putting the extra time and effort in, looking forward to the assembly of the Ming inspired cabinet!


  7. Jonathan,

    man thanks for the comment and I appreciate the encouragement as far as the cabinet assembly video, which I started working on today.


  8. Voice over seems to be a great way to do it. I tried explaining while I'm doing something and it makes it difficult, if you mess up your presentation in any way it's very difficult to do-over.

    I like that principle, housing throw-away toys gets old fast so it's nice to depart from that where we can.

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