A Ming-Inspired Cabinet (97)

Just a few photos for this round, as there isn’t a huge story to tell. Finishing, finishing, finishing – that’s all that’s happening.

The support stands were disassembled, the components given a going-over, and then the finish was applied. Here we have the posts and the pillow block halves with finish drying:

The short-side stretchers have been formed into their jogged shape, then chamfered, and now are into their second coat of varnish:

These parts will see 4~5 coats of finish, each coat rubbed out between applications.

Long-side stretchers are into their first coat:

The support stand cornices, which are also the sills upon which the cabinet carcase rests, are complete and I have set them aside to let the wax harden for a few days before the steel-wool is brought to bear:

The cabinet doors are nestled below. they still need some additional finishing work on the outside of the stiles.

The two bonnets are at a similar stage as the support stand cornices, with a second coat of wax now applied, and not yet rubbed out with the #0000 steel wool:

The shelves have been notched for the shelf pins, and in the following photo are sitting forward so a final coat of finish or two can be applied to the front edges:

A look at the underside of a shelf fitted onto the support pins, with the back notch (left) just fitting around the pin, and the front notch (right) elongated so as to accommodate any seasonal cabinet carcase movement:

The inverted ‘T’ section beams which are the primary structural members in the support stands are the only parts yet to enter the finishing process, though that will change during the next shop session.

Things seem to be on track for completing these two cabinets by the end of May. Shipping has been arranged too.

All for this round –  thanks for tuning in! Post 98 to follow.

8 Replies to “A Ming-Inspired Cabinet (97)”

  1. Hi Chris. Glad to see the progress and the final stage, that piece is outstanding and it speaks by itself about the effort and knowledge to be built.The mitres let me speechless. Yoku-yatta !

  2. Good afternoon Chris

    I have been away from the blog for some time, I apologize for that indiscretion. You may recall me as CADJedi from the original group you began. Rest assured, I will be going through everything once again. So, if you see a lot of hits on the blog, its just me catching up.

    I see by the edition numbers that my copies of your work (side bar) are a bit out of date as well. Understandable, cant get connection everywhere, especially in the deep dark woods of our northern country way.

  3. I remember the posts where you picked out the bubinga for the coffee tables and these cabinets. I ran out of new ways to say “wow!” a long time ago but I still enjoy following the progress.

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