Odds and Ends Tool Sale

Cleaning out the book shelves has put me in a mood to look at my tools, and move along those items i am making no sue of, for whatever reason. Some of these tools were purchased from little mom and pop hardware stores in Japan and never used or set up, others were included in batches of tools bought in quantity, others were bought and just not put to use as I had thought I might. May as well move them along to someone who will make use of them. I’ll be adding to this list over the next couple of days, so please check back if this sort of thing is of interest.

Shapton ‘Pro’ #2000 stone, NIB, still with the plastic wrapping:




Japanese framing hammer, medium size:


Cross-hatched face:




Brown and Sharpe trammel set:




Packed in a mahogany box:


A pair of 42mm kiwa ganna, of a unique type, kinda like a gotoku ganna was divided into two separate planes, right and left. Makes for a low profile dai so this plane can also be used for trimming the sidewalls of grooves:


I bought these from another carpenter about 5 years ago and he had set them up. I never put them to use since. They are a hair loose in fit in my judgement, so a thin paper shim will likely be required.

The sub blades are not laminated:



I think the maker is Katsujiro:



$150 for the pair.

A set of corner molding planes:

These I scrounged in small town hardware stores in Japan, and have never done much with them.


Various makers.

A look at the profiles:



The set of 5 is offered at $225.00

The Akafuji (“Red Fuji”) jointing plane, by the famous (and long deceased) Tanaka Sho Ichi Ryo:

About 15.5″ in length:

Dai is fitted with a kuchi-ire:

Laminated sub-blade – the cutting steel is excellent, but I don’t know what it specifically is:

I purchased this as a used tool, already set up. While the ura isn’t the prettiest, the fit between blades and in the dai is fine.

Maker’s name:

The plane was called Red Fuji due to the slight copper patination on the blade:

The working surface – the dai is ‘hon’ red oak, a material getting harder to obtain and now quite costly:

The mouth opening:

There’s another one of these on Ebay right now- which is surprising given the rarity of the tool – for $900. I’ll offer this one at $700.00 SOLD

More tools…

A 54mm paring chisel:


Ura certainly not the prettiest, but could be tidied up:

The maker’s mark is a bit hard to make out:

$50 buys it. SOLD


A 12mm chū-tataki nomi:


I think this one came to me in a box of assorted tools I bought years ago. I already have this size a few times over so I’ve never made much use of it.



A 36mm bullnose plane:

Sorry for the blurry pic:

The kanji state that this is a white steel blade:


$40.00 SOLD


That’s all for this set of classifieds, folks. We’ll be back to normal programming after Christmas. Much progress has been made on the Japanese ceiling…

Anything to add?