Sudden Arrival

For a long time I have chased perfection in my work. I’ve long since concluded that it is an ever-receding horizon, a destination I am unlikely to ever reach. That’s okay, the pleasure, and the challenge, is in the chase.

In an area outside of carpentry, however, I will say a certain kind of perfection has somehow, been attained:

Welcoming Ryden Asher Gerjoy-Hall to this world. He came out of mom like a bolt of lightning, and that is what his name means in Japanese: thunderbolt. From our arrival at the birth center to his delivery, only 15 minutes elapsed. Just three pushes and ‘hello!’. Some things don’t go quite as you expect. He’s 4 days old at present.

My wife and I are looking forward to the journey together with the little wriggler. Currently at the phase where we try our best to read his mind, given the fairly limited communication tools currently on hand. Sleep is a little elusive at present, and I am working to develop my skills at burping him. Far from mastery at this stage….

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  1. Congratulations! It's so often said as to be trite, but really enjoy every moment you can. My sons are 18 and 23, but in my mind it feels just a few months since they were about the size of your son!

  2. Sleep is overrated, you will adapt. Congratulations on this the most important build of all. You will have the opportunity to put all that you have learned into this project. Building a good citizen for this troubled planet is a big responsibility, and we certainly need some good people. I have great faith in you and wish you luck on your journey.

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