A Ming-Inspired Cabinet (63)

First off a photo which got lost in the shuffle of the previous post, showing the double tenons on the drawer runners:


I mortised the drawer fronts using the Zimmermann mill, and squared up the 3/16″ x 3/8″ (4.75mm x 9.52mm) mortises afterward:



Here’s a pair completed on one side, as far as those runner mortises go:


In it goes, test fitting as each mortise is completed:



The drawer fronts are relieved in their center section, but only roughly at this stage.

The idea here was that the runner would be flush to the corner of the drawer front:

The outcome was what I had desired.

Later, the bottom edge of the drawer front will be reduced by a few shavings, so that the drawer runs on the runners alone, and the drawer’s lower edge does not rub on the casework. Any end grain trimming on the drawer front will be matched by taking a near-equivalent reduction off off the runner edge.

You can run(ner) but you can’t hide – isn’t that what they say?:

Double trouble – or is it just a case of double vision?:

Let’s see how this contraption fits the case:

I was pleased with the way they fitted in, which was hitch-free.

Even though the drawer fronts themselves are a hair too tight for their openings at present, I thought it would be worth a look-see anyhow:

Can’t wait to get those seated back in there. The drawer rail and stile framing will be proud of the fronts by 5~6mm or so, so there should be some pleasing shadow lines.

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  1. Josh,

    I am getting the same feeling when I see those drawers getting closer to being in place, however there is a ways to go yet. No oil is happening though – it will be General Finishes Enduro Var, as I used on the 'Square Deal' tables. Thanks for your comment!


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