April Update

I had advertised a May 4-day course in Japanese plane set up and tuning, however interest has been nearly non-existent. Is it a May thing? Wrong time of year perhaps? I suspect that there are people out there who would be interested in delving further into that topic at some juncture, so maybe I’ll catch them the next time around.

Courses are still planned however for October of this year, once again to be held at my shop in Leeds, MA:

Course 2) Japanese Joinery ($650) 4 days

Saturday, October 15th through Tuesday October 18th. 9:00~5:00 pm each day

Note: although this course was also offered in 2015, the joinery under study for 2016 will not be the same.

Course 3) Asa-gao Gata (Splayed boxes) ($175) 2 days

Thursday October 20th snd Friday October 21st. 9:00~5:00 pm

Course 4) Mortise and Tenoned Splayed Boxes ($575) 3 days

Saturday, October 22nd through Monday, October 24th. 9:00~5:00 pm each day

Please let me know if you are interested in any of the above and I can put you on the list. Courses are limited to 6 participants.


Please be aware that I have taken down some 22 older Carpentry Way posts on Japanese plane tuning and set up, including the 7-post series ‘Smile and Wave’ (2011),  the 7 posts from the ‘Chip off the Old Block’ (2012) series, and 8 posts from the ‘Kanna Help You?’ (2014) series. This information will be compiled, edited, and expanded into a single volume which will be made available for sale in the near future. It will be an adjunct to The Art of Japanese Carpentry Drawing series.


10 thoughts on “April Update

  1. That is far away Petri, though one participant last year came from England and another from the US west coast, so it's really just a plane flight away.


  2. Dale,

    a pleasure to hear from you as always. Glad you're enjoying the current build and I'll post up an announcement here when the new volume is ready to go.


  3. Hi Chris,

    I was just looking to refresh myself on the Kanna prep entries before I start tuning my first Kanna, and poof they're gone! I'm sure the amalgamation of all the entries will be worth it. For now, I'll either let it acclimatise a little longer, or if my patience wears thin, start tuning using what I remember.



  4. Vipul,

    thanks for your comment, and if in the next while any questions arise while you are setting up your plane, feel free to contact me or post up on the CW forum.


  5. I'll certainly buy a copy as well! Since plane tuning has a fairly broad audience, any chance of a printed copy to be published? Your work on the subject is the most comprehensive work that I have found.

  6. Brian,

    a printed copy is definitely a possibility and I often get asked about that with the other essays in the tAJCD series. Thanks for the suggestion.


  7. Seems I'm not the only one who was confused! I wanted to thank you for your response to my earlier question but couldn't find the original thread. In any case, I would certainly be interested in the kanna set-up volume, it's something I've re-visited on your blog on many occasion.


  8. Chris,

    I don't know if you have a certain goal in mind for the profits from these sales but a quick word of warning…I just found out that some of Matthias Wandel's (a popular youtuber) plans in ebook format are selling on a chinese website for about 2 U$D. I think your ebooks would be less desirable to that kind of audience for various reasons (no offense intended) – legibility and popularity of Youtube videos to non-english speakers, reduced bling factor etc. but it's still something to keep in mind.


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