A Ming-Inspired Cabinet (34)

The stands are set aside for the time being, and I am starting in on the main portion of the cabinet.

Here’s the cabinet carcase design as of this morning, elevation view:


There a mix of solid plank carcase and frame and panel. Web frames for the drawer supports with some joinery enhancements of my own.

Another view, in perspective:

The backside:

For the past couple of days I’ve been moving stock along through the re-sawing, jointing and planing steps. It’s not all that often I find my 510mm jointer at capacity:

It was very helpful to re-wax the tables as it was a grunt to push the board across the cutter:

The rear middle panels however, are slightly too wide for the jointer:

These panels were slightly cupped across the width – about the thickness of a ruler, maybe 1mm:

I shimmed the hollow portion of the board and ran it through the planer, then surfaced the other side, and ended up with a flat board, still considerably over dimension:

Also tackled some milling work on the shedua panels – here’s the fixture I built for that process:

The screws are what fix the board in place, and allow me to mill the boards flat even when they are non-flat:

After a milling pass, the surface looked a lot better, though there was a very slight amount of tear out:

The backside of this board has some fine cracks as well, however they do not go all the way through to the other side. I think the result was much improved over the planer, and if the shell mill was fresh and sharp there probably would have been zero tear out. It’s all good though, as the panels are still 0.1″ over dimension. I think I’ll be hitting up another shop for some time on a wide belt to get these down to close to finish dimension.

Jointed and planed pieces begin to stack up:

This work was fitted in and around some work I was doing on another project:

All for today. Thanks for dropping by the Carpentry Way. Post 35 lay ahead.

Anything to add?

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