A Ming-Inspired Cabinet (17)

Welcome to another installment of Home Improvement. Today we’ll be talking about creative uses for concrete siding, and after that we’ll have a review of Fat Max tapes. Who will win the ‘stand out’ war? Our money is on Stanley’s new model with a 4″ wide tape. We’ll conclude today’s program with a fascinating review of the 2016 IBC technical committee’s proposed rule changes to the building code.


A couple of day’s work was swallowed up in fitting the mitered lap connections on the framework of inverted ‘T’ section beams. Here’s one assembly all together at long last:

The other assembly turned out similarly:

Some mortising work remained however on the short side beams. I rough cut with the hollow chisel mortiser:


Once all the mortises were roughed out, I ganged the pieces and clamped in some paring blocks in preparation for cleaning out the mortises:

As before, the mortise sizes happened to correspond to existing gage blocks I have in my possession, so I was able to use those blocks to get the holes where they needed to be dimensionally:

Peeking through the other side:

The short side beams also received a crosswise mortise for a rectangular peg:

The long side beams have provisions for some rather small pegs (@5mm square) as well:

This is where things are generally heading at each corner, though the pillow blocks are not at the point of fully fitting on the beams quite yet:


I’ve ordered myself a Lie Neilsen cabinetmaker’s scraping plane, the #85, to deal with working portions of the inverted ‘T’ section beams to dimension. It should make the work go a lot quicker than a card scraper. It was much quicker to order a plane from LN than to order something custom-made from Japan. I would have been looking at getting a steep bevel gotoku-ganna had I the lead time, but I think the LN scraping plane should do the job. And it is comparatively inexpensive, which doesn’t hurt any.

All for today. Stay tuned for more installments of Home Improvement. Next time, we’ll take an in-depth look at driveway sealers, and we’ll present an opportunity for a lucky reader to win a year’s supply of air freshener. (Post 18 follows)

2 thoughts on “A Ming-Inspired Cabinet (17)

  1. Just making sure that you understand that we all (right guys and gals?) appreciate that you are updating w the progress. Still baffled w your precision and knowledge of woodworking,
    So, just some encouragement to keep on working and spreading the artisanship.
    – Petri from Sweden

  2. Petri,

    thanks for the comment. Have no fear, I will continue to work and continue to blog about the process. Were you worried I might have other plans?


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