Japanese Carpentry Classes for 2015 (update)

On June 10th I posted up a notice about some Japanese carpentry classes scheduled for October of this year. I’ve had a good number of people contact me as a result, which has been great, and I wanted to post up an update. Perhaps some out there are interested and have been sitting on the fence, wanting to see if things are going ahead before committing. Well, you need not hesitate any more!

The course series is as follows:

1) tool set up and sharpening (3 days)
2) basic joinery (3 days)
3) the hopper (1 day); prerequisite is to read TAJCD Volume I
4) the mortise and tenoned hopper (3 days); students required to have read TAJCD Volume II
5) the splayed leg stool/table (5 days); prerequisite is to read TAJCD Volume IV
6) the askew common rafter (5 days); prerequisite is to read TAJCD Volume IV
7) regular hip corner I (6 days); prerequisite is TAJCD Volume V
8) regular hip corner II (6 days)

Based on the preferences expressed by those who have contacted me so far, I can say that courses #1 2, and 3 are definitely looking to go ahead. Course 4 needs one more person to run. With a few months left to go, I am thinking it very likely that course 4 will gain enough participants, as it needs only one more confirmed participant to run. In any case, I can schedule the courses at this point. All classes will be held in my shop in the small town of Leeds, MA.

Here’s the class schedule:

1) Tool set up and Sharpening ($525)

Saturday, October 17th through Monday, October 19th. 9:00~5:00 pm each day

So far 7 intending participants.

2) Basic Joinery ($525)

Wednesday, October 21st through Friday October 23rd. 9:00~5:00 pm each day

So far 5 intending participants.

3) Asa-gao Gata (The Hopper) ($175)

October 24th. 9:00~5:00 pm

So far 4 intending participants.

4) The Mortise and Tenoned Hopper ($575)

Sunday, October 25th through Tuesday, October 27th. 9:00~5:00 pm each day

So far 3 intending participants.


Just in case a sufficient interest develops over the next month or so, I have provisionally blocked off October 28th through November 1st for the Course #5, on the topic of splayed post construction with compound mortise and tenon joinery.

I’ve made the courses more or less back-to-back as this will more ideally suit those who have to travel longer distances to reach Western Massachusetts.

Several students have indicated interest in all the courses, so I anticipate that some of these more advanced classes may feature in the 2016 class schedule as more people complete pre-requisites. I am planning to hold these workshops each year at about the same time, all being well.

I will be sending out an email to those who have contacted me so far, relaying the above information, and I will be looking to collect deposits for the courses for which people have expressed interest. Deposits will be 50% of the class, balance due no later than October 1st, and tool lists will be provided to all participants who have made deposits.

If you’ve been thinking of participating in any of these classes, you now have further information and I hope this tips the scale in favor of you signing up. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information.

Really looking forward to these courses!

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