A Square Deal (37)

Holy cow – 37th post in this series…this is outa control!


Work continues unabated on the tables. The side table is well along in the finish work. The table top slab has had 5 coats of finish, sanded between, with one coat to go before it gets polished up:

The breadboard ends and the side panels are also at 5 coats:

The rest of the parts have had 4 coats, which is where they end, and some of those, like the legs and drawer walls, have gone through stage one of polishing up, which was a #320 grit flattening:

I’m planning to use micromesh to polish the pieces, and I’ll leave them a good few days so the finish can harden a little more before tackling that work. The Enduro Var has been great to work with so far. Dries quickly and hard and sands easily without clogging the paper.

The coffee table is moving along. The stretchers have been cut, haunched, tenoned, shaped, and chamfered:

The tenons will insert into the legs but are a hair tight yet. No need to fit them yet.

Speaking of the legs, these have been mortised for the stretchers and the cut out of the double mitered and tenoned top end of each leg has been completed:

Tenons are sized and the seat of the joint is pared flat. Miters remain a hair long and await final trimming

Another view:

Tomorrow I will be fabricating the aprons. The coffee table is proceeding more quickly than the smaller side table, due to the absence of a drawer, drawer support rails, side panels, dust panels and their dados, rear demountable panel, etc..  It’s a funny thing when the smaller ‘afterthought’ piece is a lot more labor-intensive than the larger ‘main’ piece.

The bronze parts are at the machine shop and I should have leveler feet made soon. I’ve receive the necessary supplies for applying a patina to those pieces as well. The knob for the drawer has been fabricated and I’ll be fitting it to the drawer front soon.

All for today – thanks for coming by the Carpentry Way. Would post 38 be of interest?

Anything to add?