A Square Deal (20)

Not a whole lot new to report, other than that the fitting of the 3-way mitered corners is pretty much done. What follows is a somewhat repetitive set of photos showing how each corner turned out, except for the 4th corner, which I forgot to take pictures of at the end of the day.

Corner 1:


This picture shows the abutment better, without the shadow:

Corner 2:



Corner 3:



In all of these joints there are slight gaps, on the order of 0.001″~0.0015″, which are detectable by feeler gauge if not by eye. I figured out that the surface I guide the router bearing along when trimming the miter must not be totally flat. That’s because that surface is produced by a saw blade alone, and saw blades can deviate slightly if not totally sharp. I will amend that situation for the coffee table’s 3-way miter joints, where I will need to build a larger version of the same sort of jig. The guide surfaces can be refined after sawing.

Otherwise I felt the jig worked very well and I’m happy with the 3-way miters. I also learned that there might be a better way to take pictures of these joints – the offset between the apron surface and the post surface makes it tricky to get a good picture of the seam line. Once the apron offsets at beveled down, the abutment line will be much clearer i’m sure.

I’ll start working on the drawer runners and demountable rear panel assembly tomorrow.

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