Gateway (XIII)

Post thirteen in a series describing the design and construction of a kabukimon, a type of Japanese gate, for the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. If you’re new to this blog or this post series, the first installment can be found here.


Back to site today to remove the aluminum positioning jig, strip the forms and back fill. The aluminum jig parts came apart and off the threaded rods without issue. And the forms were not any problem to remove as well. I wasn’t expecting any hassles, but you never know.

Here’s one side after the forms were off:

Out came the shovel and rake:

After every round of 2″~3″ of material, I tamped the gravel down by stomping my feet. There is a some excess fill, its volume now taken up by the new concrete, and I’m hoping the landscapers can make use of it. Otherwise I’ll be hauling it away at some point.

The other side is complete, save for one area where a broken low-voltage irrigation wire needs to be re-joined below ground. I forgot to bring a gell-filled connector for that task so it will have to wait until next time:

Trying for the overview shot, looking in towards the garden:

One day, maybe, I’ll get a camera with a wide-angle lens.

Things are now set, literally, for the granite foundation stones. These have been ordered and should be ready in another 1~2 weeks. The landscapers will be tearing up and relaying the paths fairly soon as well.

All for now, thanks for visiting! Comments always welcome. Post 14 is next.

2 Replies to “Gateway (XIII)”

  1. Nice foundation work. I'm really excited to see the gate come together. Thank you for the detailed posts on this project.


  2. Greg,

    thanks for the comment and letting me know you are enjoying this series. After the granite goes on in a couple of weeks, there won't be much activity on this project for a few months, as I'm still waiting for wood to dry. I hope you'll stay tuned though.


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