8 thoughts on “Snowy Night

  1. Nice!!

    I would have been inclined to put the camera on a tripod and leave the flash off.

    Of course the camera may freeze in that time.

  2. Derek,

    yes, well, then I'd have to have a tripod, and some idea how to get my old Sony camera to take such a picture with long exposure. I tried some with the flash off, but the exposure was way too short of course. I felt lucky to get away with a decent picture using the flash.


  3. Yes,
    Please don't take it as criticism. I just feel that the setting begs to be photographed with only natural light and the light from the lantern. I understand that technical limitations may well prevent you from doing so.

    In fact I can visualise a well executed photo adorning the cover of Japanese Garden Journal or something similar.



  4. Derek,

    no worries, I wasn't taking your earlier comment as a criticism. I also recognized that nicer photos could be taken, if I had the right equipment – or knew how to use what I have more effectively!



  5. Hello

    Lamp is nice, but what I am thinking if I look this picture is why in snow is hollow place,where stem goes into the snow ? Its the same with trees, always snow is blowed off near tree trunk.
    Probably swirls,but strange that shape is almost perfectly concentrical.

Anything to add?