Hammer and Nail

At some point in a building process a bit of of nailing, kugi-uchi (釘打ち) in Japanese, comes up. Great technique with the hammer here:

His rhythm is perfect, like a drummer. No wasted moves. Takes some practice I’m sure!

6 thoughts on “Hammer and Nail

  1. William,

    there are some good reasons not to put nails in ones mouth, however, like the wearing of steel-toed safety boots, most Japanese carpenters seem to have little concern about such things. They do like their hardhats mind you!

    I would definitely avoid putting galvanized or other treated fasteners in my mouth – not sure what the carpenter in the video is working with though.

    Thanks for your comment!


  2. I love the way he keeps the hammer going after he finishes driving the nail. He taps the roof boards from 1 to 3 times while setting up the next nail. I guess that could be argued as wasted motion but I think it keeps the rhythm going. Kind of like a work song.


  3. John,

    comment appreciated. Yes, it is very much a process of keeping a steady rhythm – reminds me a lot of a Japanese blacksmith or saw setter at work.


  4. Matsu,

    like the humor! One thing smashes the theory: if you check out associated videos from the same uploader (shajimatsu), it looks like the that the guy in the above video IS the boss. He is at least the foreman it would appear. Oh well.


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