Trellis – all about it(?)

Final piece of ‘architecture’ for the garden is now underway, a tiered trellis. Unlike tower of power, this piece does not feature battered (compound-sloped) posts. It has its points of interest however, and like the other bits I’ve made over the past few weeks as we establish our new garden, it is made using joinery.

One little cut-out glitch today required a patch – here, I’m starting to clean it off:

After planing was done in the curly Jatoba zone of patchiness, it seemed altogether more presentable:

The plane, while not totally sharp, did its work:

Curly Jatoba was not part of the plan (not that there is much of a plan with these pieces), however I ran out of Teak and Spanish Cedar scraps of adequate length for this portion of the frame, and Jatoba is a lot cheaper than Ipé, and – most helpfully – available to me locally. I was surprised after jointing and planing to see that a couple of pieces were curly, something I had not seen in Jatoba before. It would have been nice to save it for another project, but that would have required another trip to the hardwood dealer and more money, so I decided to go ahead with it. Fancier than it needs to be? Yes.

A few shots of the various joints in progress on this trellis to, possibly, just maybe, whet your appetite, pique your interest, even titillate:

Haunched tenons:

Through tenons, which are a bit long at the moment and will be trimmed back:

Teak always looks so cool with all its variegation when freshly cut, but alas after a few weeks it all looks the same color. You know, that teak color.

What’s going on here?:

The trellis is coming together decently so far, and I’m not fussing the details, just knocking the bits together about as fast as I can do the cut out. This trellis is for cucumbers and maybe some squash, so in a few months it will look much like a big green leafy cube in the garden.

By the way, did the pun in the post title work for you? I’m trying.

Thanks for dropping by, and hope to see you again on your travels in and around the interweb.Oh, and here’s Part Two

8 Replies to “Trellis – all about it(?)”

  1. I like the irregular shape of the inlay and the matching grain. It comes across more natural and less ostentatious. Nice work for humble garden structures it inspires me to do similar for our garden. I am sure my girlfriend would be pleased with it since she spends a lot of effort keeping things growing in our snail infested garden.

  2. Mathieu,

    good to hear from you. The patch was the shape it was mostly due to the shape of the divot in the material I was covering over. The diamond-shaped lozenge remains my favorite patch shape.

    As for your snail problem, have you tried copper? Snails and slugs will not transit over copper sheet.


  3. Copper is a great idea. Also a small shallow cup (or saucer like container) of beer attracks and kill snail and slugs. At least if my memory serves me correctly.

    But I love the trellis's so far. Simple and effective while being very attractive. I'll have to keep them in mind if i ever get a garden going.

  4. I have tried beer cups and it only seems to attract them even more. Salt works but it is a daily task and quit cruel. Scissors to guilotine them is effective but harsh as well. The copper wire I had read about but haven't tried it. I will once I get back home next week thanks for the tip.

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