Trellis – all about it(?) Part Three

Moving thing along with the tale of a grille gone mad. Things are, uh, starting to mesh perhaps.

Today was a day of fitting, initially envisioned as a couple of hours, not a day. Funny how things stretch out sometimes, however I had some visitors to the shop and well, you know.

Here’s the frame at this juncture, with the top conglomeration of beams placed loosely ont top of the posts:

As you can see the ‘peace’ sections at the corners, detailed in the previous post, those detachable and certainly not detestable nose pieces, are now trimmed to length to match their partners.

Here’s one connection after trimming to close up the fit:

Any remaining sukima (gaps) in the joint will be squeezed out once the pins are driven in to drive the joint more firmly together.

Next, a view from the inside corner of the above shown joint, where you can clearly see one of the rod tenons and the twin mortises for the wedged fixing pins, or shachi sen:

Outside corner shows the other rod tenon:

The tusk tenon for the middle joist came out cleanly, though if I had spent a few more minutes planning ahead, I would have opted to make the joint with a mitered stub tenon on top like the corner joints have:

Exterior view of the same joint – then tenon is a little long at the moment and probably will be trimmed back a bit:

Another corner after fitting up:

Another corner:

And last corner for good measure:

I’ve marked out the upper framework for the mortises which will contain the smaller grille bars, and that work shouldn’t take too long to complete. Then I need to do something similar for the lower tier of the trellis. I’m hoping one more day should see it finished, and we’ll see how that goes. Thanks for coming by the Carpentry Way and hope you weekend is going as you would like it.  On to the conclusion.

Anything to add?

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