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No progress on the cabinet design to report, however I have moved the hardware design along a fair bit. As things stand, I need 6 or 7 drawer handles, a pair of pulls for the two hinged doors, and a pair of pulls for the uppermost sliding door set. I’ll use recessed wooden pulls for the two larger sliding doors which contain the shippō-gumi latticework.

The hardware for the uppermost sliding doors was something I shared in the previous post. The jeweler with whom I am working seemed to like that design quite a bit and has commenced working on a prototype, a sample. Since then I’ve come up with the hinged door pull design, which looks like this:

The jeweler appears to like this design as well, however she is talking about simplifying a few elements, like the central black dot.

The are looking to be fairly time-consuming to make so they won’t be cheap, however there are only two to be made:

I think the overall size is going to be around 75mm:

Then there are the drawer handles. My first thought out of the gate was to build upon the theme established with the other two hardware pieces. In the case of this handle, I have flattened out the bellflower motif, added an extension to both sides somewhat akin to a stretched out pair of petals, and then made a handle of a shape that just kind of spontaneously happened and which I like quite a bit:


I’m thinking that maybe having the center of the flower indented a bit – hollowed out, dipped down, however it might be best described – would be a nice thing, however haven’t sat down to draw that out yet, and to draw it in a curvilinear shape will not be a pleasant task in SketchUp.

I imagine some form of threaded stud will be used to attach it to the drawer front.

So, I submitted those drawings to the jeweler and she really didn’t care for the drawer backplate, stating that I was over-doing it with the design motif and that it was overly-busy. Actually, the language was a bit more colorful than that – I’ll leave it to your imagination. I thought about it a minute and I am inclined to agree. So I revised the hande. Here’s the more stripped-down version:


Hopefully that is getting a bit closer. Hardware design is proving to be an intriguing journey so far.

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  1. Chris,

    Given the strength of design of other parts of the cabinet, I wonder how the drawer handles would kook without a backing plate? Perhaps you would need to visually strengthen them up with an increased thickness. Just the subtle line of the handle might be attractive against the wood that you have mentioned, and possibly in black?

  2. Dennis,

    thanks so much for your input. That's a not a bad idea at all and I'll think about it. At this point the jeweler doesn't like the small points on the ends of the backing plate. I've asked another artisan-metalworker take a look at these designs too – we'll see what he thinks. It might take several iterations to get where I want to go.


  3. I think I like the pips on the back plate , but the plate is too plain. Maybe if you were to pierce out the flower motif in the center it will give the pips on the ends some meaning.

  4. Gregoré,

    I do appreciate the input of a jewelery maker such as yourself. I'll be meditating on the design for a while yet and will consider your thoughts.



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