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I have been delighted to receive the second completed set of homework material out of The Art of Carpentry Drawing Volume I and II, this time from a Dutch reader. Consequently, I have now prepared the exam for those two volumes. The exam comprises 20 sections, for 50 marks in total, and the pass level is 75%. It is an open book exam and there is no set time limit.

This exam is now available for purchase (US $5.00) for those that complete the material from the initial essay offering. In total, the homework that the student is required to complete is to build a hopper with butt joints, and fill out a table of values – probably about 6 hours of work in total. I am convinced that anyone who applies themselves to a little bit of study will have no problem completing the introductory material.

I look forward greatly to receiving further applications for the exam, as I’m really wanting to get as many people up to speed on the basics of Japanese carpentry layout as possible. Readers who intend to take the exam can pay for it at any time, but are only eligible to receive it if they have done the ‘homework’. One more detail: only original purchasers can apply to take the exam, though if you feel you can pass the first exam without looking at any of the material in the first two volumes, you are more than welcome to challenge the exam without having to buy the first two volumes.

Certain follow-up material from Volume I and II which deliberately builds upon the information in the first two volumes will only be available to those who have passed the exam. I will also be coming up with some future volumes of material on topics which will have no pre-requisites or exams – probably Volume III, which I intend to focus upon Japanese joinery – particularly splicing joints or tsugi-te, 継ぎ手 – will be available to all.

Thanks for dropping by today. Work continues apace on the Japanese screen and I have some new French carpentry drawing material to discuss. I hope you stay tuned to the Carpentry Way.

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  1. Hi Jerome,

    I wonder – are you using Google reader? If so, the sidebar to the right of the page won't be visible to you. You will need to come to this page outside of the reader to see the link.

    The link is at the upper right side of the page – just click on “Add to Cart” and you will connect over to Paypal. If you don't/can't/won't do Paypal, please contact me directly and we can figure something else out.

    How's that Volcanic ash cloud over Denmark?


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