Following Mazerolle: Lucarne Et Nolet Éventail

Here we go again. I’m dug in like an Alabama tick with this damn book by Mazerolle and having one more kick at the can. Call me a sucker for punishment, but I cling to the idea that surely, not every drawing is screwed up (?).

If this one is as messed up as the last one, I’ll be putting the book down for a while and engaging with other things. So far, so good, with one small exception.

This time it is a dormer that is fan-shaped, or éventail. Personally I like the form. The roof is configured in plan as an irregular pentagon, though it could be arranged as a regular pentagon:

I think a dormer like this would look nice on a pentagonal pavilion roof.

Here’s a look at that plan development in process:

I have yet to put the common rafters in and the short valleys, or noulet.

Here’s a look at the front elevation – note that the ridge descends rather than being horizontal:

I have left a few of the common rafters pieces out of the main roof at this point as I work out the dormer.

An elevation view from the side, with the hipped dormer I studied in the background:

The hip rafters in this roof are not backed, but like a couple of the legs in the sawhorse project described on this blog a little while back, they are rotated to be flush to each side of the plan:

The ridge is cut plumb at its lower end, and the lower surface of the hip rafters meet the centerline along the lower surface of the ridge exactly:

One of the problems in the drawing I have found so far is a section in the plan where the x-sectional profile of the ridge pole is apparently determined. The profile is not quite right and I haven’t worked out yet exactly what the problem with the original drawing is. It’s not a significant obstacle to moving the drawing along, so I can let it go for the most part.

The tricky bit, as with the other dormers, are the noulet, and this drawing shows a few differences in that regard, so we’ll see how things turn out soon enough.

Thanks for coming by today.

Anything to add?