Battari Shōgi 12

It was time to conclude the work on the cross-pieces. First, the outer set of cross members needed to have housings cut in them to receive the Lignum Vitae hinge pieces:

I later decided to deepen the housing on the face (the tenon entry side) another 0.125″, bringing it to a depth of 0.25″. This gives better support for the hinge piece.

Time for a run with the Ichihiro 70mm:

Short shavings were all I could produce from the Wenge, especially on the tangential faces. It finishes pretty well off the plane I thought:

Note the light brown areas in the grain pattern – this is some sort of very soft growth, possibly akin to the earlywood which is characteristic of softwoods, though I suspect that Wenge is a dry-season deciduous.

Once the six cross-pieces were cleaned up, with a few re-sharpenings en-route, I could move on to checking their fit at the tenon ends:

Here’s the little piggies, all lined up in a row:

Seemed like the time to do a trial assembly of the whole frame:

Holy crow, total blunder on these tenons! Look at the massive gaps at the sides:

Just kidding! – the tenons will be double-wedged later, and the mortises are already flared out on the front face of the rail for that purpose. Still, sometimes I forget such things and upon first assembly can jump to the conclusion that something is seriously amiss, then,whew!‘ I mutter under my breath as I realize it is only my imagination.

Next, on to the short side rails for the 0.75″ square mortises which receive the Lignum Vitae hinge pieces:

Once chopped, I check the fit of the hinge piece tenons:

And next I check the cross-piece mortise as well:

The hinge piece needs a little scraping work yet to clean it up (now, it may look laminated, but those lines on the surface are just from the rough router shaping):

A tight fit, but it goes through, so let’s see how the whole assembly looks:

I have yet to do some final shaping to the hinge piece, as far as the lower portion of it goes – I can mull the decision over for a day or two before bringing the chisels out.

More to come tomorrow – thanks for your visit to the Carpentry Way. Post 13 next.

3 thoughts on “Battari Shōgi 12

  1. Excellent stuff, as always, Chris!
    And happy new year. Is it snowing there, as it is almost everywhere in the Northern part of our hemisphere?

    Quick question: The flares in the tenons appear to be about… 5-6mm at the surface (if I read it properly). How kindly does wenge take to being bent? Being such a hard wood, do you worry about splitting? Will you drill holes at the ends of the saw kerfs that will take the wedges? Will the kerfs themselves start close to the edge of the mortise and then angle towards the centre?


  2. Toscano,

    there is a good 4″ of snow on the ground here, though it hasn't snowed for a few days now. It has been pretty cold, at least for a West Coast lad like myself.

    In regards to your quick question, please refer to post 4 in this series. Each side of the tenon needs to move over about 3mm with a wedge driven in, which should be no problem for the Wenge.

    “Will you drill holes at the ends of the saw kerfs that will take the wedges?”

    Yes, already done – see post 4.

    “Will the kerfs themselves start close to the edge of the mortise and then angle towards the centre?”

    Yes, see post 4.

    I'll be treating the through tenons somewhat differently at the front side versus the back side of the piece- this will be described soon enough.


  3. Ah, yes. All questions have already been answered! Mea culpa for not remembering that photo.

    thanks for the reply 🙂

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