Seeing the light again

To celebrate my 151st post (it’s as good a number as any), I thought I’d break the unrelieved monotony and bleeding eyeballs of all the drawing that have characterized recent posts on the Mazerolle Tréteau.

A few weeks back, I managed to take the Shrine lantern I built (see the “First Light” build thread) out to a nearby reservoir, which made a nice setting for taking some photos. It seemed like a good idea to have an intermission and show a few of those pictures now, especially given the somewhat poor pictures I had taken of the assembled piece at the conclusion of the build.

Just walking along a path..

A few steps closer:

For a different perspective, consider what a squirrel might see:

And one last one, with some disheveled fellow standing next to it – the idea being to give a sense of scale to the lantern:

In closing, I would would like to wish my US friends a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

4 Replies to “Seeing the light again”

  1. Hi Chris,
    Already past our (Canuk) thanksgiving, but I'll add my good wishes to yours for the USA.
    Great looking light and if I hadn't followed the blogged build, I'd never know how much work it entails. I'd be like most people, “where'd you buy that – I want to get me one”.
    Anyway, keep it up – I really enjoy the blog even though I struggle to keep up with some of it.


  2. Glad to see the lantern again. It looks great in that setting but I'm sure it will look great in your backyard as well. Hope to see some pictures of it lit up sometime too. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone..


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