First Light XXXVI

Work continues on the parts of the lantern housing grilles. No, I’m not planning a cookout – these grilles will incorporate to a frame that supports the glass in the lantern housings.

As usual, this began with a rippin’ session with my ryoba:

The parts sliced out, I then rough dimensioned them, ganged, with my 54mm plane:

Skinny little kumiko are a bit of a pain to square up, so I like to rout a slot in some MDF, precisely sized, which allows a ‘go/no go’ fit, and holds the pieces plumb so I can square up the narrow sides easily:

Action shot with the Mosaku plane:

The competed kumiko:

I then drew out in full scale the kumiko and their frames on the MDF and routed fixing trenches for the first principal ‘X’ brace:

The central ‘X’ members are sized slightly larger, by 1/32″, than their surrounding kumiko, as I want the functional aspect of the bracing to work well (i.e. be as strong as possible and yet not clunky), without drawing too much attention to the fact. The MDF holds each bar firmly positioned so I can plow a half-lap across it with my router. These oblique half-laps, like the others I have used in this project, will have mitered abutments.

I also use a transfer bevel to take the angles directly off the drawing, and then transfer them to a bevel gauge:

I’m not a fan of Bridge City Tools, but they seem to be the only ones these days making a transfer bevel, so that’s what I use.

This pair of angles give me the bevel cut on each side of the abutment:

The bevel gauge, just set-up with the transfer gauge, was then used to confirm these angles on a paring block I made with a scrap of MDF:

This paring block had one angle on one end, and the other on the opposite end. Further, the block was slotted so as to register positively and at 90˚ to the kumiko being worked upon.

Next step was to cut the cross wise shallow trenches – in the case of this main ‘X’ brace, the lap housing is but 1/64th deep:

Then the paring block could leap into action:

Let’s see if things fit now with these oblique mitered housed half-laps:


Finally down and the fit looks okay:

These kumiko will only receive a slight chamfer as the final point of completion.

At the conclusion of this stage, and this post, I have 4 ‘X’ assemblies completed:

Stay tuned for more. Thanks for your interest and on to post 37

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