This One Rings a Bell (15)

The design phase is now principally complete. The client has been sent the drawings for review, and I now present them here.

The minoko was a royal pain to draw, and ended up having to be put together square cm by cm like a giant quilt of triangles. It took me hours!! It was the only way to produce the complex curvilinear shape in SketchUp. At this point, it doesn’t look exactly as the one I intend to build looks, but it’s close enough for the time being. I’ll be doing a blog soon on minoko in more detail.

Without further ado then…

Top view:

Bottom view:

Side elevation:

Front elevation:

3/4 view:

Cutaway, with cantilevers removed:

Cutaway, with rafters removed, showing decorative ridgecap internals, nuki, etc.::

Cutaway, rafters and cantilevers removed, to show upper roof framing and bracing:

There will be a few scabbed-on braces to be added to the upper framing which have been omitted from the drawing.

Another view of same, purlins now removed:

As it might look looking up from the ground:

A few details are omitted at this stage, such as the gable end grill and pendant, and the carving details which may or may not be added to the various lower structural members are not established either.

Now I can take a breather and the client can give me feedback, go and visit his local building department with the plans, and so forth. I have some preparations to do for the Fine furnishings Show in Providence, RI coming up in October, among other things. I also plan to finish off my ‘Fan of the Fan’ series here along with a few other topics which may be of interest to readers. Stay tuned, and thanks for coming by today. –> on to post 16