Vanity VI

All in all the top for the vanity took a little over two weeks to make, another 1oo-odd hours added to the project. I haven’t attempted to sell the cabinet since. In some ways it is all but unsellable, at least by the gallery route, due to the 40~50% percentage they typically charge. I might put in in a gallery as a ‘not-for-sale’ piece, in the hope that it might lead to other commissions. In the meantime, the vanity sits in my living room, under a blanket. I want to keep it away from the sunlight and the dust, and well-protected in case I find a buyer for it one day. That may never happen, and at some point I will have to figure out whether to start using it or not. That’s what furniture is made for after all, to be used.

Here are some photos of the completed piece, out by my front door on a sheet of plywood. Not the usual studio setting with cloth backdrop, and professional lighting, but I hope it will convey the appearance well enough. I can see the appeal of the rosewood as a material, and would like to make more pieces from rosewood.

One point I did not mention in my earlier posts concerns the latticework on the piece, obviously made from a lighter-colored material – this in fact is Walnut sapwood.

I inlaid my business crest into the bottom, and signed it. I have mixed feelings about signing pieces, but I did so in this case. For some strange reason I wrote “Sept~Oct” when in fact it was “Sept~Dec” – sometimes I lose track of which month it is, and I think part of me didn’t want to face the fact that I had just worked 4 months on this piece. Oh well, can’t always be logical I guess.

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