Building Up My Library (III)

Part three of a series. I’m using some left over wood and throwing together a bookcase for my home. A quick project in between other projects ’tis all….

Today I got about half a day’s worth of work in, and started out with a little planing work on the lower carcase panel:

With the 60˚ plane, this is straightforward. With a 42˚ plane, sometimes it works great and sometimes the wood tears out horribly, with no apparent way to predict it. I chose not to experiment, and was happy with the surface produced by the steep-angled plane.

Next, I tried the fit of that lower panel to the sides:

Clamped up, this side needs no further fettling on the sword tip miter:

The other side needed a little trimming to fit right.

Then I made up a kick panel to fit under the lower carcase board and to the sides of the carcase verticals. This panel is of radial grain (aka VG) orientation, and also made of Canary Wood. I formed a small bead on the lower edge, and relieved the rest of the material off the face using a table saw. Then I dressed the face with the plane, followed by a little chisel paring:

It’s such a pretty wood when freshly cut, but, like Padauk, doesn’t hold it’s color. Too bad.

Here’s a view of the kick panel fitted into the lower carcase piece, which I dadoed to receive it:

I was thinking of mortise and tenoning the kickboard in, but elected just to house it – the small rebate you can see on the end helps lock it in place to the side carcase, which I also dadoed. I felt the mortise and tenoning wasn’t going to add much.

Then I tried the fit again, with the kick panel installed:

You can see how I made use of the slight upward jog in the front face grain of the kick panel, centering it to the carcase.

A closer view of one corner:

All for today. Thanks for coming by, and comments always welcome. –>on to post 4