Riken Dreams

Hello Everyone,

This is a VERY brief note to say that the RTM-3 Riken Milling Machine has arrived! I really want to do a post about its arrival and also make some (clearly completely clueless) comments about the machine itself that I hope you will all enjoy. However, the combination of parenting a small child whose preschool is closed, managing the remaining aspects of Chris’s business, dealing with the sad logistics that come after losing a spouse, starting this year’s garden adventure, and working from home almost full-time is going to delay things a few more days!

In the meantime, here is Chris’s post from December when he first learned of the machine that he ended up purchasing.

A real post with photos is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Thank you for stopping by. ~ Ilana

4 thoughts on “Riken Dreams

  1. Thanks Ilana, I’ll look forward to it. With all that’s happened, you really don’t owe us an unveiling. I loved following along with Chris’ work and he continues to be missed. Thank you for the grace with which you carry yourself in a time of incredible grief. God bless. Scott

  2. Dear Ilana,

    I hope that you and your son are well and that life is treating you well.

    Thank you keeping us all informed.

    Take care and all the very best.


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